Motorway Driving

Telford Driving School Motorway Driving

Motorway driving tips for new drivers

Joining and leaving the motorway

Before you join a motorway, build up speed on the slip road. Then ensure you do a full observation, not forgetting the blind spot, and join the motorway when you know it’s safe to do so.

When you leave a motorway, observe the interchange signs and ensure you’re in the correct lane in plenty of time.

The countdown markers which appear before a motorway exit tell you how far away the exit is, with each bar representing 100 yards. Use these to guide you as you prepare to cross over to the slip road. For further helpful advice read Directgov’s handy guide to motorway signs, signals and road markings.


You should only overtake if you’re sure it’s safe to do so. It’s crucial to judge the speed of the cars around you carefully and to check that the lane you’ll be moving into is clear in front and behind you. Don’t forget to check your blind spot and to signal in plenty of time.


Did you know…

If you hog lanes or tailgate on the motorway you could be faced with an on-the-spot-fine of £100 and 3 points on your licence, thanks to new legislation introduced in August 2013.


What to avoid