Dealing with Trench Lock Roundabout Telford

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Understanding the Trench Lock Roundabout in Telford

The Trench Lock roundabout in Telford, Shropshire, was constructed in the early 1980s and has been causing drivers confusion ever since it was built. The official name of the roundabout is actually Trench Lock North West, but most people simply refer to it as Trench Lock or Telford Driving Test as this roundabout seems to throw even the most experienced drivers off guard. Here are some helpful tips on how to navigate this dangerous roundabout to get you driving test ready!

What is Trench Lock Roundabout

This roundabout, can seem a little confusing. The reason for this, is, it is actually known as a gyratory system. This basically means that it is 2 roundabouts together, so it has a cut through half way through, to allow you to turn right.

How to go through the Trench Lock
Being tested to get your driving license can be a stressful time, even more so if you’re taking your test on a busy roundabout. If you’re learning how to drive on a roundabout for your test, don’t worry: we have some top tips to help you pass! The first step is familiarizing yourself with how it works - here’s what you need to know about how to go through Trench Lock roundabout...

View the Trench Lock Videos

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So as local Telford driving instructors, Driver Training Ltd, who have been teaching pupils to pass their driving test in Telford for almost 20 years have put together a series of videos that allow you to understand Trench Lock roundabout, from the comfort of your living room

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What happens if you go through Trench Lock Roundabout

All roads lead to Trench Lock, or so we thought. Not going through a roundabout doesn't mean you can just skip it. You must make an entry on your driving test if you come to a roundabout and don't go through it.

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Advice about driving in Telford

Preparing for a driving test can be nerve-wracking. However, if you prepare beforehand and drive carefully, you’ll do great. This post will help you understand one of your first driving tests. We’ll cover what to expect and what to do when approaching a trench lock roundabout. Before we get started though, I have an important message: Don’t forget your driver's license! Okay, let's begin!

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