Telford Driving Test Manoeuvres

You’ll be expected to carry out one of the following reverse manoeuvres, with effective all-round observation:

  • Parallel park at the side of the road.
  • Reverse into a parking bay, and then drive out.
  • Drive into a parking bay, and then reverse out.
  • Pull up on the right-hand side of the road, then reverse for about two car lengths. You’ll then be asked to rejoin the traffic.



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adi part 2 test manoeuvres

ADI Training Driving test manoeuvres Reverse Bay Park

On the Driving test manoeuvre Reverse bay park, the key is to think to yourself "How do i actually do this?", as to pass your driving test, you will need to be able to do this without any help

The key with this and every driving test manoeuvre is focal points.

A focal point is a definite point

So when doing the reverse bay park, the easiest way of getting a pupil to do this, is to pick the bay you want, ignore both lines of the bay (green lines)

Count 2 lines past it - (2nd red line) match it up to a point on the passenger door - Full left lock and you will end up in the bay each time

See our Reverse Bay Park Video

Forward Bay Park

The driving test forward bay park is done by staying as far from the bay you want as is possible.

Then you need to line up the first line of the bay that you are turning into.

You line up that at a point on the drivers door.

Do full observations - Then turn the wheel all the way to the right

Looking at the lines of the bay ahead - when the car is at the 11 o'clock position - steer one and a half turns to the left to straighten the wheels



adi part 2 forward bay park

Driving Test Manoeuvres Parallel Park

This driving test Manoeuvre is very easy once you get your focal points sorted.

The key to an easy parallel park is 3 simple steps

1- Back headrest level with the end of the car - 1 left

2- Front at 2o'clock - 1 right

3 - Door handle over the kerb in mirror - Full right lock

see our parallel park video

Pull Up on the Right and Reverse

Many people ask what the point of this driving test manoeuvre is,

Well there are many high streets and roads, such as this one in Wellington, Telford, where the only places to park are on the right.

If the white car closest to the camera had of been facing the other way, not only would he have needed to pull up on the right.

When the blue car parked in front of him, he would have had to reverse back, not only to give him the room to pull out, without hitting the other vehicle, but he would need to come back far enough, to get a good view of any oncoming traffic, before pulling out into its path.

driving test manoeuvres

Emergency Stop

Not to forget of course that approx one in five tests will also get an emergency stop.

Whilst this isn't classed as a manoeuvre to be done in every test, its obviously good practice to be aware that it could be something that you have to do on your driving test

One of the important things to keep in mind, is that the book

Driving - The Essential skills - Which is produced by the DVSA, states that when doing the emergency stop - you should avoid braking so harshly that the ABS activates.

The reason for this is, if you were in an older car without ABS you would now be skidding out of control - Which defeats the object of stopping quickly.

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