February 8, 2024

Why Blind Spot Mirrors - 3 Reasons you Need Them

3 Reasons You Need Blind Spot Mirrors on Your Car

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What are blind spot mirrors?

Blind spot mirrors are special mirrors placed on the exterior of vehicles to help prevent collisions with other vehicles. While there are different types of blind spot mirrors that serve slightly different purposes, all of them help you see around corners and over your shoulder without actually turning your head to do so. They’re often installed on the side-view mirrors of cars or vans

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Blind spots are dangerous

Imagine you're driving on the highway and want to change lanes. You check your mirrors, see that the coast is clear, and start to move over. But just as you're about to switch lanes, you hear a loud honk. You swerve back into your lane just in time to avoid hitting another car. This near-miss was probably caused by a blind spot - an area around your car that can't be seen in your mirrors.

For Drivers or Driving Instructors

blindspot mirrors for driving instructors

Blind spot mirrors are important for drivers and driving instructors because they help improve safety while driving. They help eliminate blind spots so that you can see what is happening around you. Additionally, blind spot mirrors can help you avoid accidents and make better driving decisions.

How a Blind spot mirror works

When you're driving, there are always blind spots--areas where you can't see other cars. But with blind spot mirrors, you can eliminate those blind spots and be a safer driver. Here's how they work
Whether you drive an SUV or sedan, your side mirrors have blind spots—even though your rear-view mirror doesn't. To compensate for that, simply affix these driving instructor blind spot mirrors to your existing side-view mirrors and adjust them until you get rid of any distractions while driving.

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Applying Blind spot mirrors

First, clean the area around where the mirror will be applied. This will help the adhesive stick better.

Next, peel off the backing of the adhesive and apply the mirror to the car, pressing firmly so that it sticks.

Now you need to adjust the mirror so that you can see properly when you’re driving. The best way to do this is to sit in the driver’s seat and look at the mirror from different angles until you can see what you need to see.


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