How Do I Know My Instructor Is Not Just After My Money?

This is a question you may have wondered – to be honest any driving instructor worth his money would not want to do this.

One of the quickest ways to tell, is

if your instructor sits there and spends as much time telling you how bad other driving instructors are, as he spends teaching you how to drive–This is one of the biggest giveaways that they are desperate for customers and desperate for your money.

Does he tell you that you HAVE TO PREPAY ALL of your driving lessons?

Does he sit there telling you the woes of his private life?

Does he sit there telling you the tacky and sordid details of his grubby little sex life? (yes unfortunately we have heard many reports of someone doing that)

Does he make inappropriate comments about how you look? Or comments that make you feel uncomfortable?

We have no interest in other companies and what they do – and you will certainly never hear any of our driving instructors bad mouth other driving schools — frankly that’s just a sign of petty jealousy and annoyance at their own inability to get regular customers!

A driving instructor and indeed a driving schools reputation is built on getting pupils to driving test standard as quickly as possible

WE for instance constantly put up the pictures of our pupils that pass their driving test….As a result we usually have a 6 week wait to book new pupils on! Through Christmas for in stance we have 2 days off, Christmas day and boxing day – the rest of the time we are working 9-6 as usual to try and keep up with demand.

We currently have 5 driving instructors in Telford, 2 automatic and 3 manual. This COULD NOT be achieved without a regular base of satisfied customers, the majority of which are by recommendations

An instructor who is trying to get you to driving test standard should make lots of notes for you – either on a progress card or electronically on their phone notes or iPad.

He should keep informing you of when things go right and when things go wrong.

Don’t cross the white line on roundabouts

Don’t change lanes on roundabouts


Looking ahead / Thinking ahead

Choice of 2 lanes always left.

Not exceeding the speed limit

Not going too slowly

Instructors who are just after your money will just let you drive or sit you at the side of the road for 20 minutes.

Having been Telford’s leading and largest Independent Automatic Driving School for 16 years – Our reputation shows beyond all doubt that you are in good hands!!