Driving test Telford – Why Pulling up on the right Is needed

Why pulling up on the right is real-life driving

Pulling up on the right

Driving Test Telford

– Pulling up on the right

When it comes to the driving test telford, I want to be absolutely clear that we’re not recommending that drivers should always pull up on the right.

As you know, best practice in driving lessons is to pull up on the left. This is still what we expect new drivers to be taught.

However, the reality is that it’s not always possible to pull up on the left.

So, as well as being taught that it’s best practice to pull up on the left, we want to make sure new drivers:

  • know what factors to take into account when they decide whether or not to pull up on the right
  • are trained to carry out the manoeuvre safely in appropriate places

Why a driving instructor is best person to teach this

We think that it’s far safer for new drivers to be taught this legal manoeuvre by a trained expert, ready to take the driving test telford, rather than leaving it chance once they’ve passed their test.

I know many of you already teach this and have been doing it for some time. It won’t be anything new to you.

Driving test telford It’s all about observation, accuracy and control

Pulling up on the right and reversing for 2 car lengths is an exercise that will assess these essential skills:

  • planning
  • awareness of road users from behind and oncoming
  • effective use of mirrors
  • accuracy and control
  • observation

The existing manoeuvres will stay in the syllabus

Although not required for the driving test telford, As we’ve said before, you should still teach the ‘reverse around a corner’ and ‘turn-in-the-road’ manoeuvres. They’ll still be part of the learning to drive syllabus.

The observation, slow control and accuracy skills needed for those will be a vital grounding for when you introduce the revised manoeuvres to your pupil in later lessons.

The manoeuvre can be done more naturally during the test

Driving Test Telford

We currently have to spend a disproportionate amount of time in quieter side roads testing the existing manoeuvres.

The revised manoeuvres can be carried out more naturally during the test, which means we can spend more of the test assessing you pupils on rural and high-speed roads – the roads they’re most likely to have a fatal collision on.

This is real-life driving – so here are real-life examples

We had a quick look through Google Maps to find a few examples of where pulling up on the right is either the safer and more convenient option, or the only legal option.

Parking on the left and right

driving test telford

In this residential area in Liverpool, there’s parking available to the left and right. But if the left is completely full, then it will be more convenient to pull up on the right

Single yellow line on the left, parking spaces on the right

In this street in Filey, you can’t pull up on the left, but there are spaces to stop on the right.

learning to drive in telford

Double-yellow lines on the left, parking on the right

In this street in Barnsley, there are double-yellow lines on the left – and someone has parked on them. On the right, there’s an available parking space.

We’ll never know who arrived in what order, and what spaces were available, but it’s a good example of when parking on the right is definitely the legal and safe option, versus parking illegally on the left.

driving lesson advice

Double-yellow lines on the left, parking for people with a disability on the right

At the seafront in Aberystwyth, there are double-yellow lines on the left. To the right, there are parking spaces for Blue Badge holders.

In this case, it’s clearly a legal option for a Blue Badge holder to park here. If the driver is the person with a disability, it’s also going to be more convenient and safer for them to exit directly to the pavement.

help with the driving test

Driveways to the left, shops to the right

On this street in Paisley, there are houses to the left. Stopping here could block a driveway. To the right, there are shops and a postbox, and spaces to pull up and park.

If you needed to post a letter, it’s going to be more convenient for you and the residents if you pull up on the right.

driving test manoeuvres pulling up on the right

Watch the manoeuvre being carried out

Here’s the instruction that examiners will give to your pupil while they’re driving (they won’t pull over first to give the instruction).

Pull up on the right when it is safe to do so, please.

I’d now like you to reverse back for about 2 car lengths, keeping reasonably close to the kerb.

If another vehicle pulls up behind the car and stops your pupil from reversing back, the manoeuvre won’t be completed. The examiner will ask your pupil to drive on, and another exercise will be carried out later in the test.

Pulling up on the right

If a vehicle pulls up in front, the exercise will continue. If the vehicle blocks your pupil’s view, the examiner will control the situation and give them appropriate advice.