March 15, 2021

Best Life Lessons Courtesy of Telford Traffic Jams

Best Life Lessons Courtesy of Telford Traffic Jams

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Life Lessons Courtesy of Telford traffic Jams

What life lessons courtesy of Telford traffic jams are there to be learnt?? You'd be surprised!

Learn life hacks in traffic

A road that's turned into a car park -or traffic jam - as its more commonly known, can show you one of the greatest life lessons of all: how to stay peaceful under any situation.

Learning to drive in Telford traffic might have its fair share of snail-paced drivers, random road works and cones and the ever annoying traffic lights on roundabouts that you're certain are activated to turn red the minute you come surprisingly close to any of them. But on the other hand it's stuffed with huge amounts of life lessons simply waiting for you to learn from.

Learning the good not the bad

What's more, no, those lessons are not how to get annoyed, grumble or inventively consolidate 22 swear words in a solitary sentence.

A considerable lot of us as of now have those practices under control. We can rather accept the open door to set out on one of the greatest life lessons of all: how to stay calm under any situation.

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I started learning this exercise during long stretches of reflection in New York City, where I had the option to catch harmony and quietness amidst howling alarms, shouting neighbors and jackhammers directly outside my window. I at long last arrived at where I had the option to close my eyes and think in a packed, overheated and frequently smell filled subway

Eyes wide shut?

However, I'm not proposing that you think with your eyes shut while driving through Telford (despite the fact that it might appear that is the thing that numerous different drivers are doing). You can rather attempt a sort of eyes-open careful reflection that really makes you increasingly mindful of everything around you.

The Good on the Telford Roads

Watch the magnificence of your environment. How about the beauty of Telford? You have got many field and lakes that we drive past. What about the colours and formation of clouds in The sky.?

The truly cool rocks. Indeed, even the vehicle beside you that is an awesome metallic blue can carry a touch of peacefulness to your drive.

The Good in Telford Drivers

This one may seem the hardest to think of! Is there good telford drivers? Well that's a subject for a totally separate blog post!!! However what we said was look for the good IN telford drivers.

Its very easy to see what is an act of kindness, as another time wasting irritation! For instance when you are already running late, you then get stuck in a traffic jam, making you even later, then to add insult to injury, the car driver in front, decides to stop and let a car out of the side road!

This will normally annoy you, beyond all comprehension! But realistically, what you have just been witness to is an act of kindness! The driver in front may be late too! He may be annoyed and frustrated to the same level as you, and yet he realizes that to let a single car out, wont really make any difference to the time he's stuck in this traffic jam

However what he may realize, is that this one act of kindness WILL make a difference to his day! knowing that at least in some small and not very important way, he/she has been nice to one person in letting them out.

Now next time you sit there in that traffic jam, you can look and appreciate it for what it truly is The Good in Telford drivers!

Happy journeys!

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