The Three Most Important Driving Lessons Telford Success Factors

intensive driving course

intensive driving course

Listen to your driving instructor

Your driving instructor is well aware of the problems that you face as you learn to drive. This is why they will talk you through all the steps that you need to successfully pass your driving test.

All you need to do is FOLLOW the instructions – for example – At the roundabout, straight ahead, second exit. So stay in the left lane and follow the left kerb, which means you are changing lanes

Most people only struggle when they don’t follow the instructions and they panic, cross the centre lines.

Remember its about how safe you drive

Again the key to success driving lessons is not to rush – its not how fast you do something but how safely!

Therefore if there is a lot going on, you’re not sure of the lane markings, or there is a lot of traffic to deal with, it is always best to just slow it down, take your time and get it done safely.

If it goes wrong don’t panic!

On a telford driving lesson, just the same as with the driving test, it doesn’t matter if you go the wrong way or get in the wrong lane – as long as you deal with it safely. After all, if you are in the left lane, signalling left and you realise you should be going straight ahead… As long as you turn left safely there really is no problem.

Also if you are in the wrong lane but have time to check your mirrors, see that its safe and signal before moving, then this is also acceptable.

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