Changes to the driving test in telford

Car driving test in Telford will restart in England on Wednesday 22 July 2020 with new social distancing and safety precautions in place. These will only be for people who had their driving test cancelled because of coronavirus to begin with. Driving tests are still suspended in Scotland and...

How driving lessons will change in Telford

28th May 2020 How driving lessons will change once lock-down eases How driving lessons will change. Once the current lock down eases and the DVSA says providing all relevant precautions are taken, that it will be permitted to start teaching students who are not key-workers- What changes will be...

Overtaking — a few tips

This weekend especially I've had the privilege of having 3 vehicles cut across lanes before fulling getting past me. If it want for me taking action and slowing down -- as well as furiously using my horn!! There would have been a major collision.